About me…
My name is Violetta and I do photography of pregnant women and small children. As a young mother I know how important it is to keep a memory of your child just starting his life. Although I was passionate about photography for a very long time, the birth of my first daughter has inspired me to become a professional photographer.
I wanted to fill my family album with really beautiful photos of my baby, so I went to a professional photography school. Here I was introduced to the art of photo shooting, the nuances of photo editing and the photo composition rules. I have already received education and practice as a designer, so it helps me to work on the photo as an artist. Photography has become an integral part of my life. I’m constantly improving my skills by attending workshops of famous specialists, by reading relevant literature and by studying the works of the best children photographers in the world.
Photography of newborns is my favorite area. I think it is both the most difficult and interesting kind of photography. In order to take a good photo of a child, you should not only possess the technical knowledge of the photo shooting process, but you need to also be able to handle a baby. Thanks to my experience as a mom, I know how to put the baby in a nice position, keep a comfortable temperature, and keep the process smooth and tear-free.
Every photo shoot is a new family story. I get great pleasure from my work, and it’s always so nice to see the emotions the young parents get from the photography process, and then from seeing their child’s first professional photos. Lets capture the most important and touching moments of your child’s life together!

Phone/WhatsApp: 06 15 22 42 12
E-mail: info@violet-art.com
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Instagram: @_violetart_
Don’t hesitate to ask me questions. Gladly i will answer all of them!