ChildrenPhoto session

Children are the most sincere and bright models, and therefore, child photography is always full of interesting images. As a result you get a surprisingly emotional and creative story telling about your baby. How pleasant to show these pictures to your friends and relatives!A photographer who takes photos of children should be not only a master but a psychologist as well to find a common language with your child. It is very important to find the right style of communication to make a little model feel interested and comfortable to bring a joy and pleasure. Children are my favorite models, work with them is always interesting, because each child is different. Everyone has his or her own thoughts, movements and the most beautiful smile. To emphasize this individuality is my goal. I always want to do a baby photography unique to leave these wonderful moments in a memory of parents.Before a photo session I always talk with parents discussing their wishes in regards of photos: the idea of shooting we should choose, which image should be created for a child, what props we will need. A magic fairy or a naughty pirate? The Queen of flowers or a little groom? It all depends on the nature of a child, his habits and hobbies. We need to consider any details! Attention to every detail will help us to make the right plan and get great results.