Children up to 1 y.o.

Were you not able to take photos of your baby immediately after birth? Or do you want to capture his new stage of life in a photograph? You have a good chance to take nice photos until up to 1 year of age, when a baby becomes very active and starts moving around too much!

3m.o. baby

At this age the child is amazing and looks like a little doll, the photos turn out really nice. Newborns typically have their eyes closed, but a 3 months old child already starts showing some emotions. He smiles, holds his head, recognizes mom… At this age you can get good baby photos both alone and together with parents.

6-7m.o. baby

At this age the child usually sits or crawls on all fours, laughs and provides a huge variety of emotions that helps to make amazing photos. At this time you can already think about ideas for a photo session, choose interesting details and even think of a story!

9-11m.o. baby

He’s already turned into a little man! He studies the world around us, walks holding his mother’s hand and understands all what he is told. At this age the photo session will be easy and fun, the main thing is to choose an interesting image, offer the kid a new toy and do the photo shoot in the form of a game.

We will discuss all the details of the shooting in advance however before making the decision to book a photo session you have to remember about some important things.

You should book a photo session in accordance with your baby’s schedule. Best time is after the day sleep: once a baby had a good day’s sleep; he’s in a good and cheerful mood.

Be sure to bring food that you and your child can eat. If the baby is hungry he may start to act up, so we will definitely need to take a break and feed him.

Don’t forget about the important things: diapers, undershirts, favorite rattles, toys, etc. The regular needs of your baby stay there regardless of his location. Be ready for it!

The outfits are not so important for small babies so it’s better to focus on nice accessories: hats, boots, plush toys. Such photos with nice accessories emphasize the tenderness and cuteness of your baby.

You must not forget that only you are responsible for the mood of your child. Please be calm and considerate of your baby since small kids feel their mother’s condition. No one can calm your baby better than you if he is upset for some reason.

Children’s photo session is both an enjoyable and responsible action. If we get it right, the photo session will be fun and relaxed. As a result your day spent with your child will remain not only in your memories but also in the family album!