Before Maternity photo session

Before Maternity photo session

Waiting for a baby is a special time for women: during the first nine months she has strange feelings, an amazing spirit and is experiencing new emotions. Naturally, an expectant mother wants to leave these moments in her memory for a long time. And the best way to capture yourself during pregnancy is to book a professional photo session. If you are deciding whether you should book this important photo shoot, you need to know the answers to some common questions.

At what stage of pregnancy is it better to book a maternity photo session?

A maternity photo session normally takes place at about 29-35 weeks: you already have a pretty tummy but are still able to do some physical activity without getting tired too soon. It is better to book your photo session in advance in order to be able to choose a convenient time, discuss details and consider different options.

How to prepare for a photo session ?

Of course we will discuss all of the details with you and will advise on the preparations but you will still need to take some actions. For example, it is recommended to spend the day before the photo session for yourself: to relax, get a manicure, pedicure, take a relaxing bath. Also make sure to prepare important things and accessories for the next day: toys, hairpins, cute slippers… You should certainly get enough sleep before your photo session and leave your worries and troubles at home!

How long time does such a photo session take?

You should be ready to spend at least two hours with a photographer: this is the optimal time required to create 3-5 beautiful images.

What clothes should I choose for this photo session?

Our main task is to accentuate on your cute tummy, so we need proper clothing. You may choose different t-shirts, shorts and skirts, cozy knitted sweaters, denim overalls, etc.. It’s better to avoid bright colorful colors and instead choose light pastel colors to emphasize all the tenderness of the moment.
If you plan to take your husband or children together with you, then their clothes should match your outfit.

Is it necessary to book a stylist?

Of course a stylist will help you look better, more fresh and natural on the photos, so I recommend to use such services if you have the opportunity. My Studio works closely with a stylist who creates the perfect hair style and makeup for the occasion. Please note that it’s necessary to dedicate approximately 2 hours to the stylist before the photo session. It is best to invite your stylist directly to the Studio.

How will I look on the photos?

Great! We choose angles that allow us to bring out all your best points and hide weaknesses. In addition, I correct light defects during the processing of photos, so you will look like a professional fashion model, and even better!

Can I take my husband and children to the photo session?

That’s the spirit! Your family photos reproduce all the tenderness, love and warmth prevailing in your family during the period of waiting for your baby!