Newborns are adorable little creatures concealed many mysteries…

  • DateJuly 27, 2017

Get at least the 10 facts listed below and meet an adorable baby girl Sofia (11 days old)

Did you know..?

1. The life of the baby begins right in the womb. In Korea, for example, the count of age begins right from the moment of conception.
2. Most babies are born with blue eyes. This is due to the fact that melanin is not developed until birth.The melanin is activated by using the genetics of your child from 6 months to 12 months.
3. The baby’s skeleton has over 300 bones while an adult skeleton has only 206. However, it’s easy enough to explain because some of the bones of the newborn are fused in the course of strengthening and growth.
4. Newborns recognize the mother’s voice at birth
When a child is born the only sound they can recognize is the sound of mom’s voice. They react to the sound. By the way, babies are prefer the rhythm and intonation of the native language of their mother at birth. This suggests that language learning begins before birth!
5. If your child was born with a carved tooth which is a rarity, he may repeat the fate of the great generals and rulers. Julius Caesar, Mussolini and Napoleon had at birth prorezalsya tooth.
6. The baby begins to understand that each object is unique to about 6 months from the moment of birth. Until that time, whenever he sees a cat or a dog, he thinks it’s the same cat and dog.
7. Blonde babies are more sensitive to changing weather conditions than brunettes.
8. Fingerprints of infants appear at 3d month during the pregnancy and remain for lifetime
9. They have a lot to cry, but no tears. Tear ducts and glands are working, but the tears start streaming from 1 to 3 months..
10. Newborn babies are nearsighted and can see people and objects at their clearest when they are within 20 to 30 centimeters away.