Before newborn photosession

Before newborn photosession

Newborn photos are so touching and heartwarming that no a single person remains indifferent. Book a photo session for your just born baby to keep memories about the wonderful time when your baby was so tiny and helpless. But remember: in order to achieve the desired result, it is important to organize a photo session in a proper way.

When is the best time to book a photo session?

Better to book a photo shoot in advance in the last months of pregnancy. Preferably time is 1-2 months before the expected date of birth of the baby. We can choose together an approximate date for photo session and then after the happy event we can call each other for the exact date and time.
If the idea of a newborn photo shoot comes in your mind suddenly after a childbirth call us: most likely we can find the time for photo session.

What age is the best for a photo session?

It is a good practice to arrange a newborn photo session in the first two weeks of life. These days a baby likes to sleep and can not be distracted with anything so the process of the photo session can not disturb him. Moreover at this age touching poses are still very natural for a child and they make photos so attractive. An additional argument in favor of a photo session in the first days after birth is that the baby still is not yet worried about tummy, so he will be calm.

How long a newborn baby photo session takes?

The photo session lasts approximately three to four hours, including breaks for feeding, rocking and mother and baby contact. But sometimes it happens that if a baby has a good sleep for a couple of hours it’s enough for me to do a photo shoot in a proper way.

Why do they take photos of a sleeping baby?

Just born baby eyes are not focused yet so the photos where they keep their eyes open are not so good. Besides that the photos where babies do chaotic motions look strange. A sleeping baby can be posed with comfort for him and view of others, nicely wrapped. Besides a sleeping baby looks so good ! But if you want we can take some photos in the moments when a baby doesn’t sleep.

How are selected accessories for a photo session?

Since I am a professional newborn baby photographer I have a required requisite for interesting scenarios. Of course we discuss everything in advance therefore most likely you should bring an interesting blanket, funny toy or a cute hat and cozy socks.

Can parents and elder children participate in the photo session?

No doubt! I will gladly take a picture of the baby with mom, dad or older brothers and sisters! But don’t forget that other participants in the shooting need to prepare for: pick up clothes, do makeup and hair. All that we discussed with you in advance, so the photos with the baby you will look harmoniously.

What if the newborn’s skin has defects?

If the baby has red skin or slight peeling, do not worry: I will create such pictures, which will not be noticeable. Photos your baby will be what you want to see them!

Newborn photosession in the Studio VioletART
Conduct a photo shoot of the kid in my Studio has several advantages over household surveys:
• enough space for the enjoyment of photography;
• perfectly built light for great shots;
• optimal background;
• the availability of the necessary props;
• suitable temperature.

It is cozy and comfortable in the VioletART Studio! Here we will create such pictures that decorate your family photo album by cute and beautiful pictures of your baby!