Where is the best place for making a summer photo session for pregnant mama?

  • DateJuly 18, 2017
Where is the best place for making a summer photo session for pregnant mama?
I am often asked about summer photo sessions for pregnant ladies. Lot’s of people believe that this is more comfortable and much better making photos in a photo studio than outside. But we’re living near the sea! Why do not we use this amazing opportunity?
Now I am going to tell you why the photo session at the sea is so cool:
1. Have you ever seen what beautiful shots are obtained with a dress fluttering in the wind?
Summer photo session at the sea allows a pregnant mama to demonstrate the beauty of her changed body. Thin and translucent tissue fluttering in the wind allows a pregnant woman to show the beauty of her changed body. Also instead of a dress, you can use just a beautiful scarf or tunic and tie them over the swimsuit. After all, you can come up with so many great romantic and feminine beach images, using at the same time a minimum of accessories.
2. Comfortable temperature
You should not think that an outdoor photo session in the summer will necessarily be overshadowed by a suffocating heat. We will choose such a time of day for you, when there will be no scorching sun. In addition, a light breeze will add freshness. Believe me, the air temperature at sea for comfort is not inferior to the studio with air conditioning.
3. New impressions and a small exciting adventure
Preparation for a professional photo shoot is similar to preparing for a trip: we discuss the look, think about accessories, choose the location of the shooting …Then on the day of shooting, we bring beauty with a stylist and make-up artist. And for the memory of photography, you will still have new acquaintances and a great mood for a long time
In other words, it’s a great way to travel anywhere without leaving, get a new experience and feel yourself in the spotlight!